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GodSpace is available to order through Burst Christian Resources

Mail:    PO Box 572 Penrith NSW 2751

Fax:     02 4732 1225   

Scan:   Order form and email to


Phone: 1 300 GODSPACE  (1300 463 772) - this will be the cost of a local call.

               international phone + 61 2 4721 9037

               editor direct - 0481 299 533


Distribution Centre:  Unit 7, 55 York Road, South Penrith NSW Australia

To order Yellow 2018, please Download order form here,
complete and send direct to Burst Christian Resources. See new details below

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There are a limited number of past books available if you need them. Email GodSpace to discuss your needs.
Include your name, school/church and what you are interested in

  1.   Apart from the December/January/February all orders are speedily processed and usually dispatched within 2-3 days of receipt. 

  2. Credit will only be given for current Yellow 2018 books returned in good condition before April 22, 2018. No credit available for other books. Customer is responsible for postage costs.

  3. No other credit given for other orders.

  4. Overseas orders to be paid by credit card at time of order.

New 2018 Price List

GodSpace is produced by Burst Christian Resources affiliated with Baptist Churches of NSW and ACT

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Teacher’s Lesson Manual

30+ lessons for ages 4-12 in one book & Power Tools (USB card)

Kids Magazines

Age appropriate activities for reinforcing and challenging thinking

Background Sheets

To be used with the
story telling pictures

GodSpace Sample Pack

Includes the Lesson Manual & Power Tools, plus a copy of each magazine &

set of background sheets

Power Tools

Power Tools is a USB card (the size of a credit card so it will still sit flat in the back of the Lesson Manual but open up to go into your USB slot in the computer) that contains resources. Powerpoints, songs, story telling pictures, dramas etc.

This comes as part of the Lesson Manual and included in the price

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What’s available in 2018?


Local Pick up: Unit 7, 55 York Road,
South Penrith NSW Australia

Please note: a handling fee will be charged

Two options to order Yellow 2018

  1. *Click here for downloadable order form (does not calculate or add postage)

                                                  that you fill out and print to email, fax or post (no discount available)

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You will need sign in details of if this is your first time please register as a NEW customer - this will only be needed the first time

Paying by credit card at time of on line order will entitle you to get a 5% discount (Yellow 2018 only)

Discount available until April 13.                 


  1. *Phone 02 4721 9037 or email GodSpace Sales to request a form to be posted.

                                   Include your name and postal address

** No orders will be taken by phone

Available for 2018

Discoverers Lesson Manual

A Stand Alone Lesson Manual

30 Lessons  for children (4-6 year olds)

who are in their First Year at School to help them discover what the Bible and God are all about.

Visual Aids book will be an additional purchase.

        Available for 2018

Discoverers Worksheets

Tear out, take home, double sided 

work sheets for children (4-6 year olds) who are in their First Year at School

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ABN: 24 941 624 663

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