Click here for ‘Grace Cube’ for Lesson 27. 

Click here for corrected powerpoint ‘How Wise?’ for Lessons 10 & 11. 

Click here for video link for Lesson 10 Adventurers (Winnie the Pooh & Owl).
Remember to download it before use (i.e. Do not use live).

Swapped Unit 3 & 4 Interactive memory verse.

When we swapped the order of the units we missed swapping the interactive memory verses.

You’ll find the memory verses for Unit 3 in the Unit 4 folder and vice versa.

Click on title for notes for ‘Welcome to GodSpace’ Lesson & ‘Group Rules’.

Looking for Fast Finishers for Purple 2017. Click here to download the folder.

Click here to download the correct Bible Reading for Lesson 6.


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